tutoring 1-week workshop, 2018
2nd year Bachelor Industrial Design
ECAL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Photos: Courtesy of Ecal
Assistant: Marion Aeby (Ecal)
Hosting institute: Ecal

Geckeler Michels was invited to hold a 1-week workshop at ECAL. Students were asked to investigate the functionalities and aesthetics of room dividers that could fit in the context of ECAL’s building. Pedagogical goal was to develop ability to work fast and efficient, and expand the capacity to work in a team. Ideation, design process, mock-up making and implementation with hot-wire cutting tools in super large EPS blocks succeeded promptly one after another.

The key function was «dividing». Not only dividing a work-desk from another workplace, but separating work from a kitchen or a waiting/reading room, the space in front of the elevator or other transit zones etc. have been considered. Reflections included: How much intimacy and sound reduction is wanted? What about transparency and light handling? Should it be a minimalist sculpture, or a brutalist gesture without other function than dividing? Architectural simplicity or organic shape? Monolithic or modular concept with a repetitive momentum? Two identical sides or just a front facade (Potemkin village)? Does it need a roof to give some shelter? Is it a room for collective or for solitary action?

In context of the workshop, Geckeler Michels was giving a conference about their work at ECAL’s IKEA auditorium.

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GECKELER MICHELS explores product functionality around human habits, with a forecasting eye on ever evolving usages and ways of expression. The duo articulates innovative positions, deliberately embracing history of design, contemporary technologies and digital design methods. GECKELER MICHELS’ functionalist approach is typically complemented by an intriguing detail or logic, lending the product a thrilling and thus long-standing narrative.

David Geckeler and Frank Michels established their Berlin based design studio in 2013. Areas of work include furniture, lighting, products and spaces. The research-led practice focuses on autonomous in-house studies, as well as creative direction and product collections for their clients, whilst also producing editions and one-offs.

GECKELER MICHELS generally offers 6 months internships. To apply, please send your CV and portfolio (not larger than 5 MB). Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to respond to every email.

20. Nov. 2018

Five-page studio portrait with long interview and new images in Swiss’ Das Ideale Heim magazine. Text by Carina Itten, Photography Mirjam Kluka, Berlin, Summer 2018

09. Nov. 2018

Adopt a designer: Oyster stools and barstools exhibited at Beckstreet Five design shop’s window display in Luxembourg city during Design City LX Festival 2018, main event 20–21.10.2018, and continued for an undetermined period, 5 Rue Beck, L-1222 Luxembourg
20. Oct. 2018

Appearance in article ‘Generation Berlin’ by Jasmin Jouhar for IDEAT magazine, Octobre / November 2018 Issue


David Geckeler
Frank Michels

Art-Direction, Design:

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